Blood Bowl 2: Legendary Edition

Blood Bowl 2: Legendary Edition

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Get the ultimate edition of Blood Bowl 2 with the Legendary Edition!

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Upgrade your game to the Legendary Edition with Official Expansion and Team Pack

Blood Bowl 2: Legendary Edition is the ultimate version of Blood Bowl 2, the video game adaptation of Games Workshop's classic tabletop game combining American football with the Warhammer fantasy world, bringing loads of new content: new races, new game modes as well as many new tools and options enriching an already deep multiplayer experience.

Highly anticipated by the fans, the Legendary Edition thus offers ALL the official races from the Blood Bowl board game, including the sly Goblins, as well as a brand new race, the Kislev Circus and their ferocious Tame Bears! These races are coming along with their Star Players and a new Khemri stadium, located at the feet of their imposing pyramids. 

Experience new game modes such as a brand new Solo Career mode, or the new Challenge mode, which will put your wits and skills to the test through crazy and challenging game situations. And for the first time in the history of Blood Bowl, spice-up your matches with teams made up from a combination of players from different races, or go wild and lead a team of All-Star Players! Last but not least, Cyanide is developing new features and options for multiplayer! 


Upgrade your Blood Bowl®2 game to the Legendary Edition, the version highly anticipated by the fans! While the Team Pack adds 8 playable races to your game, the Official Expansion extends your gaming experience of Blood Bowl 2 with loads of new content!

Official Expansion content:

8 new races + Star players

New content

New game modes

New multiplayer features

And much more!

Team Pack content:

8 DLC races (Chaos Dwarfs, Khemri, Necromantic, Nurgle, Undead, Norse, Lizardmen, Wood Elves)

Races coming with their Star Players

legendary features

New Teams

8 new teams, including the brand new Kislev Circus, completing the official Blood Bowl roster!


Play solo in the brand new Eternal League! Seek glory and honor with any race in the game!


Introducing Swiss system competitions, League chat, Manual seeding, Multiplayer pause system and more!

  • Swiss system competition
  • Resurrection mode
  • chat tab in a league
  • Post-match chat
  • Manual seeding in competitions
  • Human & AI leagues
  • Enhanced competition administration
  • Pause system
Resurection Mode

The beloved tabletop tournament rule comes to life! Bring back your best players from death and permanent injury between your multiplayer matches!

Mixed Teams

Play as thematic customisable teams that combine multiple races and themes!

All-Star Teams

Wreak havoc as the Order, the Chaos, or the Neutral teams – built entirely with Star Players!

Team Editor

Unlimited gold, unlimited options – choose a race and get started on your completely customisable team!

And much more

New Stadium, freecam mode, optional skills, AI improvements, and more cheerleaders to name a few!

blood bowl 2: legendary edition

Legendary Edition

Standard Edition

Team Pack

Official Expansion

Dark elves
High Elves
Wood Elves
Chaos Dwarfs
Underworld D.
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